RTL Products LLC consists of a dynamic Team, at has more than 4 years of experience in the marketplace, is equipped with effective sales strategies, adapts to the speed of development of technology, and develops e-commerce sales strategies day by day.

RTL Products, your list will be checked by our experts and the product list will be renewed in case of need or deficiency to bring your brand to better levels in a short time like 6 months. We aim to maximize the list score and increase your sales and brand value with the most appropriate strategy (Amazon Ads, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) at low costs by our experienced advertising team. RTL Products wishes to indicate that they are partnering with Amazon.

We believe that this partnership is a great opportunity for both companies as it will allow each company to grow and improve. We are very excited to bring your brand to RTL Products and to achieve new successes with you.

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We offer three options to help you remove authorized or unauthorized vendors violating the MAP.a. To help you eliminate unauthorized vendors quickly, we share your authorized company names with us and follow up on your behalf on a regular basis.

a.You may optionally grant partial or full exclusivity to RTL for your product(s) in your chosen marketplace. When you do this, we become your partner and our relationship with you greatly improves. There is also a good chance that your sales will increase.

a.Keeping a deposit that you can penalize if the companies you have authorized to sell do not comply with the MAP policy. This is a deterrent for companies that do not want to comply with the MAP policy. We will be with you to adapt it to your system.

When you’re an Amazon Seller (1P seller), you simply invoice Amazon for your products directly and they pay you based on the terms you agree on. Amazon will then be responsible for listing creation and promotion.

As a 3P seller, you are not “selling” to Amazon. Instead, you “sell” on Amazon. That means you (or us) need to create and promote your product listings, and there are lots of “moving parts” to get the most out of Amazon.

The BIG difference between 1P and 3P…

With 1P, Amazon will not agree to honor your MAP pricing, and when their price drops below the MAP, which it often does, your retail partners will let you know how much they don’t like it.

When you partner with RTL for a 3P sale, we will always apply your MAP pricing 100%. It is written in the contract we made with you. If we didn’t comply, we’d be in breach of our agreement with you – and it’s all in writing.

You can reach us on any subject you want via our contact information (phone or mail) on our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us on any matter.

If you’re a new partner looking to launch a new product, don’t worry, our team is with you. RTL Products will prepare your product’s promotional and advertising strategy report and share it with you. Of course, we provide this service free of charge through the products we partner with.

When we cooperate with a brand, we assume the following responsibilities apart from the company’s sales and MAP policies:
a. Listing
b. Copywriting
c. Analyze photos proficiency
d. Keyword research
e. Reviews promotions
f. Advertising campaign management
g. Stock control/Logistics
h. Email customer service
I. Returns

Certainly not. Unlike a marketing agency, RTL does not charge you any fees. Instead, we will want to buy the inventory directly from you at a price that allows us to profit on margin on every sale. With this model, our performance goals will align perfectly with yours.

Our warehouses located in the states of New Jersey and Georgia will allow us to work without any logistic problems. Our warehouses also have an infrastructure with logistic technology, which includes forklifts and other transportation equipment which allow a quick and secure transfer of your products.

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